Russian North Tours for foreign citizens

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Programmes around The Arkhangelsk Region. There you can find all the necessary information about Russian North rest: prepared and well-developed tours around the Arkhangelsk Region, museums’ descriptions, invitation to Russia


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.



Information about visa for Russian Federation
(The invitation to Russia for foreign citizens, The process of the invitation execution for foreign citizens)


Recommended touristic programm. “Welcome to Russian North” 





General information about Solovki

Why people love Russian North ❄️ За что любят Архангельск и север

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You will stroll along the old streets, visit the birthplace of Mikhail Lomonosov and the museum of wooden architecture Malye Korely and try the Pomor cuisine!
BASIC 3-DAY TOUR "LEGENDS OF THE POMOR LAND": We developed a basic 3-day tour to get acquainted with the Pomor land which can be supplemented or changed upon request. We work individually with each tourist or group - contact us, and we will arrange the ideal route just for you!
от 16750 руб Подробнее
Let us introduce you Forest hotel "Golubino" newly developed location where nature lovers and seekers of traditions will find everything they were dreaming about
от 3000 руб Подробнее
We present you the program of the most popular tour of the Solovetsky Islands. Solovetsky Islands: Russia's UNESCO treasure in the White Sea
от 12900 руб Подробнее
The length of the Kyi island is only 2 km and the width does not exceed 800 meters. You will walk around it in two hours. What do you do next? There`s plenty to do!
от 6500 руб Подробнее
On the sandy island of Mudyug, located in the White sea near the mouth of the Northern Dvina river, hunting and fishing are allowed. The local waters are home to a variety of fish: navaga, pike, bream, bark, flounder, whitefish, etc.
от 9900 руб Подробнее
Solovetsky Islands: Russia's UNESCO treasure in the White Sea. All the programs of air tours on the Solovki from two to five days with arrivals on any day are collected together in this section
от 6800 руб Подробнее
Solovetsky Islands: Russia's UNESCO treasure in the White Sea. For groups (1 plane for 16 people, 2 planes – for 32 people)
от 232000 руб Подробнее
This tour will allow tourists to get acquainted with three truly magical corners of Russia
от 42500 руб Подробнее
Our "Beer tour" is a special acquaintance with the city: you will see all the fun, but an unusual look - a little tipsy )
от 16500 руб Подробнее
Unique authorial tours for individual tourists! - Mini groups from 2 people!
от 39000 руб Подробнее
The opportunity to see three beautiful places Of the Russian North
от 20000 руб Подробнее
Our orthodox history has left a lot of monuments, both of history and architecture. Kargopol and Arkhangelsk are those of them which surely can be called symbols of Russian spirit
от 35000 руб Подробнее