Basic programme No.1 Arkhangelsk: Legends of the Pomor Land

You will stroll along the old streets, visit the birthplace of Mikhail Lomonosov and the museum of wooden architecture Malye Korely and try the Pomor cuisine!
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BASIC 3-DAY TOUR "LEGENDS OF THE POMOR LAND" We developed a basic 3-day tour to get acquainted with the Pomor land which can be supplemented or changed upon request. We work individually with each tourist or group - contact us, and we will arrange the ideal route just for you!

Programme No.1 Arkhangelsk 
Legends of the Pomor Land - 2019


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.


Arkhangelsk - Museum of Wooden Architecture "Malye Korely" - "Northern Arbat" - Pinega State Nature Reserve - Golubinsky Proval (Funnel of Golubino) - Holy Spring waterfall - best museums in Arkhangelsk.

We developed a unique traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region where you can find the places you will visit during the tour.

Programme No.1 Arkhangelsk

Legends of the Pomor Land - 2019


"Make the city!" strictly commanded Ivan the Terrible to the boyars in the 15th century. This is how Arkhangelsk appeared on the Russian land! You will learn everything about this city from the exciting tourist programme "Legends of the Pomor Land". You will stroll along the old streets, visit the birthplace of Mikhail Lomonosov and the museum of wooden architecture Malye Korely and try the Pomor cuisine!

basic 3-day tour "legends of the pomor land"

We developed a basic 3-day tour to get acquainted with the Pomor land which can be supplemented or changed upon request. We work individually with each tourist or group - contact us, and we will arrange the ideal route just for you!


10:00 Sightseeing tour "City Tour". Feel the character and mood of this city, learn its history, see the modern life of the romantic Arkhangelsk in the morning. The guide will show you the significant landmarks: the oldest building in the city - Gostiny Dvor, which has been preserved since the 17th century, a monument to Peter the Great, the embankment of the Northern Dvina river and will tell about the amazing traditions of life of the first Russian port. You will visit the island of Solombala where in 1693 Peter I decided to establish the Admiralty.
In the Naval Museum you will learn about the Arctic navigation, the heroes of the North, ancient maps and pomor fishing gear, vessels and ships, ship devices and instruments. All of this will also be demonstrated in a stylish installation.

Lunch in the best traditions of Pomor cuisine

Transfer to the hotel, check-in (check-out until 14:00)

Museum of Wooden Architecture "Malye Korely". Visit the past! Malye Korely is a full-fledged city, built in the 16th-19th centuries. Switch off the phone, walk along the streets and imagine that you suddenly time-travelled 400 years back. Bell-ringing chimes, huts on chicken legs, rushing troikas - at any time of the year Malye Korely offer perfect views worth filming. Take part in village festivals and master classes, ride a horse-drawn sleigh, become part of the old-time amusements in the open-air museum scenery.

Here you can ride a troika (harness with three horses), take part in master classes, become part of the old-time amusements in the open-air museum scenery (for an additional fee).

Visit to the exposition hall of the Arkhangelsk Algae Processing Plant, a brand store, product tasting (for an additional fee).

Dinner in the best traditions of Pomor cuisine

Walking tour of the "Northern Arbat". Walking along the wooden Chumbarov-Luchinsky avenue is a journey to the times when each house had its own name, and not just a serial number. A short ancient street greets you with the special atmosphere of souvenir shops, boutiques, cozy cafes and restaurants. Here you can make a wish at the monument to the fairy-tale writer Stepan Pisahov and take a picture with the character of his tales Senya Malina. This avenue is a kind of museum where the exhibits are the wooden houses in which the Arkhangelsk residents lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where the oldest house built back in 1848 is still preserved. During the walk you can also get acquainted with the sculptural compositions dedicated to the northern storytellers, as well as the monument "To the Russian wives - the keepers of the family hearth", which takes us to the history of life and household of the Pomor North.

The historical excursion will continue with a master class on the painting of the traditional Pomor Kozulya (traditional Pomor cookie) in the workshop of the Arkhangelsk Gingerbread Museum (for an additional fee).

Free time. Individual acquaintance with the city. Buying souvenirs.


Pinega State Nature Reserve. The fantastic Pinega is surrounded by a mysterious forest, ancient villages, covered by the romanticism of the Pomor tradition. Taking a rest here is like returning to childhood, to the village with grandmother - only now it's modern and perfectly organized.

Tea party in the forest hotel Golubino. Pinega treats with Russian tea and local pastries.

Excursion to the karst cave. Golubinsky Proval (Funnel of Golubino) is the most famous cave of the Arkhangelsk region. In the underground relief you will see the mysterious tunnels, galleries, stone halls.

Excursion to the Holy Spring waterfall. The opportunity to see the majestic waterfall, stroll along the forest path and to enjoy the silence and freshness alone with nature.

Lunch in the restaurant of the Golubino Hotel in the best traditions of the Pinega cuisine.

Return to Arkhangelsk, dinner.


Check-out from the hotel.

Excursion to Lomonosovo and Kholmogory. First of all, we will visit the Church of Resurrection in the ancient village of Matigory. Further our way will run through the regional center, the city of Kholmogory, which used to be the only "window to Europe" for a long while. We will see the Church complex of the village with the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour of the 17th century, the stone bell tower and the Bishops' Chambers where Archbishop Athanasius received Peter I.

The settlement is known by the first Russian factory which was established in 1555, and also as an important center of the chronicle writing in Pomor land. One of the branches of Russian history was interrupted here: in 1744, Kholmogory became the place of the final exile of the family of the deposed Russian Emperor John VI.

Lunch in the best traditions of the Pomor cuisine: shchi (cabbage soup) after Lomonosov's recipe, vegetable salad, mors (berry drink), tea from samovar, shanezhki (local pastries), cod in Polish style.

Next, we will take a trip to the homeland of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, his native village Mishaninskaya which is now called Lomonosovo.

For a long time the Pomors lived here, fished in the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. In 1711 Lomonosov was born. At the place where his house was located, there is now a museum. The tour of the village also includes a visit to the monument to Mikhail Lomonosov and a tour of the factory/college of artistic bone carving.

A master class on bone carving can be organised (for an additional fee).

Return to Arkhangelsk.

Excursion to one of the best museums in Arkhangelsk at your choice. Free time.

Buying souvenirs. Transfer to the airport or train station.


  • River cruise on the old-time paddle-wheel steamer "N.V.Gogol" (built in 1911, included in the Book of Records of Russia) along the Severnaya Dvina river (in summer, 2 hours)
  • Visit to the icebreaker of the Arkhangelsk branch of FSUE "Rosmorport" (year-round, 1 hour)
  • Excursion to the stud farm of Kholmogory cows or to goat's farm where you can take master classes or taste fresh milk (1.5 hours a day during the excursion to Lomonosovo and Kholmogory, year-round)
  • Master class on pottery from a hereditary potter from Bolshiye Karely. Getting acquainted with the history of pottery in the North and the process of pottery production with the possibility of working on a hand and foot potter's wheel
  • Master class on painting on the Kozulya (traditional cookie) Arkhangelsk Kozulya is an excellent and tasty gift for any holiday! Try and make it yourself according to the traditional recipe of the Arkhangelsk kozulya - cookie dough with the addition of spices, decorated with sugar glaze.
  • Riding the troika (harness with three horses) (2 hours as part of the excursion day in Malye Korely)
  • Dog sledding. Real huskies, drive and fun. Huskies are amiable and charming, and a dog sledding trip will bring unforgettable emotions.
  • Excursion to the ethnic yurt on the coast of the Northern Dvina river.The yurt has a has an unusual form and shape, this is why it is so interesting. In the yurt you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere, tea and local food and an interactive programme.
  • Excursion to the Goat Farm This is a family trip to the Goat Farm where you will be greeted with tea and pies, treated with goat milk and cheese, and introduced to amiable goats.
  • Ethnographic classes from the Malye Korely museum.
  • Master class on making rag dolls. 
The basic programme can be changed, and we recommend completing it with guided tours, master classes, concerts, tastings and much more, as an option. We know everything about our favorite region and will prepare a perfect "adventure in the North" for you.

We may supplement your programme with the visits to places where you can buy gastronomic souvenirs from the Arkhangelsk region: fish, northern berries, pastries and pomor infusions (cranberry, cloudberry, cowberry), venison, marmalade with agar-agar, traditional painted cookie Kozulya.


Accomodation   Group from 6 pax single extra cost 
DvinaStolitsa Pomoria, breakfast extra double 17.440  3900
Pur Navolok breakfast incl double 20.200  6600
 Argo breakfast incl double 16.500  3000
Malye Karely breakfast incl double 17.750 7200


  • accomodation
  • meals, transport, excurtions

Check in– 14.00, check out – till 12.00 


  • single room
  • souvenirs, minibar
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