Visa for Russian Federation

The invitation to Russia for foreign citizens

The process of the invitation execution for foreign citizens

Russian Visa is an obligatory authorization for legal entry to the territory of the Russian Federation by all foreigners and stateless persons. Invitation for the foreigners is treated to be an official prove for
obtaining Russian Visa.

The invitation is an application form issued by Department of the Federal Migration Service.

A foreigner can obtain Russian Visa on the basis of issued invitation in Russian consular agency in their country. Both citizens of the Russian Federation and legal entities registered in Russia have the right to
issue an invitation for the foreigner.

The process of obtaining an i​nvitation can take 2-5 consecutive days. This term depends on visa status, number of entries granted by visa, validity of visa.

All the necessary inf​ormation you can get from our managers by leaving your request on


Tourist visa support:

The term of execution – 2-5 days

Visa status – The single entry lasting until 21 days.

The cost – 3500 rubles apiece.

The c​opy of tourist invitation will be sent to you by fax or e-mail as well as to Russian consular agency abroad.

The tourist needs to fill up the form below (Application for a Russian Tourist Visa Support) and send it to or by fax number +7 8182 649364.

To download the form

Application for a Russian Tourist Visa Support

1. Your Contact Information

Company Name:

Contact Person:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:


2. Passport Details:

Family Name:

First and Middle Names:

Date of Birth:



Passport Number:

Date of Issue:

Expiry Date:

Children under 16 travelling together with you on the same passport:

Family Name

First and Middle Names

Date of Birth

Sex (male/female)


3. Travel Details:

Travel Dates: from ___to___

Cities to be visited

within Russia:

Where are you staying: hotel__ flat__other___

Please make a note, If you need our help in booking of hotel:___