About Tourist center of Victoria Bulatova


About us

While all travel agencies deal with tourists I first of all deal with people. Over the years of company’s existence I have watched how people who came to us once now not only return again and again but also
have become good friends. It is not just a business. I have turned to new high level of credibility with our clients.

I have conducted company’s rebranding and substituted its first name “Bare​nts Tour” for another “The Pomor Tourist Centre of Victoria Bulatova”. Name of the company has got my own name and it is a great pride and responsibility at the same time. All the rest is the same. Our office is in the same place, our telephone numbers are the same, but we have added the new version of our site (bulatova.com) to the previous one (barentstour.ru).

If you have any reasonable suggestions connected with our site or something that you want to share with us – please, send me to info@bulatova.com!

Our site’s structure

Now I want to tell some words about the site itself. It consists of several parts and the most popular one is “Programmes around The Arkhangelsk Region”. There you can find all the necessary information about Russian North rest: prepared and well-developed tours around the Arkhangelsk Region, 1-day excursions, museums’ descriptions, and information about camps, hotels and transport service. We also
suggest our foreign guests to fit invitation to Russia. Our company has special programs for school groups.

Moreover I have added some new services in time. In such a way you can use such parts of our site as “Recommended Tour Program”, “Tourist Map”, “Calculation of Tour Cost”, “Tourist’s Check List”. You can find tourists’ recommendations connected with trips around Russian North is section “References”.

Our exclusive project

Our special pride is the realization of the idea and working out the design of “Arkhangelsk Area Tourist Map”. The area of Arkhangelsk Region is larger than the area of the biggest Western Europe countries – France and Spain. The part of Arkhangelsk Area is considered to be the part of Far North: the islands in White Sea (Solovki), Novaya Zemlya archipelago Pinezhsky and Mezensky Districts, Severodvinsk. Some places can be reached only by train, plane or by water transport.

Often tourists ask:

  • Where, for example, Kiy-Island or Solvychegodsk is situated?
  • How I can get to Kargopol?
  • How much time does the car trip to “Malinovka” To Ustyany take?
For your accommodation we have worked out “Arkhangelsk Area Tourist Map”, where all popular tourist sites, camps and hotels are stated. Also you can see approximate travel time if going by car. The map is very descriptive and we didn’t make it “on a scale” intentionally. But nevertheless it is easy enough to orient oneself with respect to the location and to the distance. I want to thank my friend and the manager of the project riderhelp.ru Evgenii Matalyga for the idea and help in realization of this project.

Individual Tourism

One of our distinctive features is that unlike other tour operators we develop individual tours and deal with unusual demands of our tourists. You can rely on our experience, professionalism and cooperative attitude.

How to save money travelling with the help of our site

The main idea of site’s sections dedicated to tourism in Russia and abroad is the tourists’ possibility to choose the tour by themselves, to see prices of different tour operators on-line, read description of hotels, get a good discount in our agency when booking a tour. We advise to read tourists’ references about different hotels on tophotels.ru. Soon I will fill the section “Victoria Bulatova itineraries” where I will write about my traveling and share my knowledge with you. Also may be useful for you to visit the section “Early booking” where we write about special offers of different tour operators which can save your money when booking a tour.

How and why “The Pomor Tourist Cener” has come into existence

Travelings – is that what I was dreaming about since childhood. And now I realize my dream.

My main goal is new adventures, new countries, and new impressions. I try to write about my impressions after every journey on different forums. My work is my hobby and all these together are my life.

Some biographical information for those who are interested. Victoria Bulatova, I am about 30 years
old….the age is just for great performances…

Graduate of Pomor State University, Faculty of Management.

Extended education: Lulea Tekniska Universitet, Mittuniversitetet - Campus Härnösand, diploma with honours of music school № 1 of Barentsev District.