Offer for travel agencies

For agencies

Register number VNT 009519, financial support is provided by Open Joint-Stock Insurance Company
“Ingosstrakh” in Arkhangelsk.
  • agency agreement
  • agreement for tourist service realization
  • financial guarantee
  • to download reservation form or to fill up form of on-line reservation
  • account of an agent
You can easily cooperate with us:
  • Enter into an agency agreement
For entering an agency agreement you should print 2 copies of the Agreement, sign them and stamp an agreement and all the enclosures.
You should send filled and scanned agreement to the agency in order to hasten the process. If you have questions related to contract-making, please, ask Viktoria Vladimirovna by e-mail
  • Size of commission
Camps – ask for commission when reserving
Kiy-Island for 2 days – 10%
Pinezhye (country rest) – 10%
Kenozersky National Park – 10%
Air-tours from Arkhangelsk to Solovki – 10%
1-day tours in Arkhangelsk Region – 10%
  • Mode of payment
  • We arrange promo tours regularly in order to train tour agents working with us.
  • If you have claims, please, send the following documents to LLC. “The Pomor Touristic Center:
  • Original tourist’s claim addressed towards the agency which has arranged the tour
  • Original agency’s claim and accompanying letter addressed towards tour operator
  • Copies of documents which prove the claims upon the existence at address: 163060, Arkhangelsk, trade-center “Berezka”, Voskresenskaya St. 7