General information about Solovetsky Islands

The So​lovetsky Islands – is one of the most amazing places on the Earth. Here mysterious ancient labyrinths and cultic pagan constructions have been preserved in their original form. In XV century Solovki became extremely popular among monks seeking for solitude. At turn of XIX – XX cent pilgrims from the whole country gathered in Solovetsky Monastery but already in 1930s Solovki attained notoriety as the awful prison camp. Solovki are especially famous for the stately defensive, church and hydrotechnic constructions which spread along the Islands.

Available season for visiting – June - September

The recommended period: July-August

How to get

From Arkhangelsk by plane. Flight time is 50 minutes.

AN24 for 40 seat which takes off from Talagi airport (regular flights)

L410 for 16 seats which takes off from Vas’kovo airport (charter and regular flights)

The minimal plane tickets cost is 8000 of rubles either side.

Departure from Arkhangelsk at 13.30. Departure from Solovki at 15.00

For reference:

You can get from Arkhangelsk to Kem by train.

Departure from Arkhangelsk at 21:52, arrival in Kem at 13:23 next day.

Departure from Kem to Arkhangelsk at 07:15, arrival in Arkhangelsk at 23:17.

The minimal cost of compartment ticket is 1585 rubles apiece unidirectional.

The motor ship “Vasilyi Kosyakov” sallies out from Kem every day at 08.00 and holds on for Kem-Solovki-Kem route and from Solovki at 17.30. Ticket cost is 1300 rubles apiece. The minimal cost of night in hotel “Prichal” – 1200 rubles apiece.


In such a way the total cost of getting from Arkhangelsk to Solovki through Kem including the night in hotel in Kem is about 8000 rubles + Таким образом, суммарный проезд из Архангельска до Соловков через Кемь вместе с ночевкой в Кеми получается около 8000 руб. в обе стороны + food.

That is why we recommend you only air tours from Arkhangelsk.

From Kem:

You can get from Kem to Solovki by motor ship “Vasilyi Kosyakov”. Travel time is 2-3 hours.


  • “Solovki-Hotel”
  • Private houses