Antonievo-Siysky monastery

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Antonievo-Siysky monastery

One of the most famous northern monasteries of 16 century

Duration - 10 hours

Antoniev-Siyskey monastery is one of the most famous northern monasteries that was founded by a monk Antony from Kehta in 1520 on the bank of Mihaylovsky lake, one of the groups of the Siya lakes. It is situated on the territory of Kholmogorsky district not far from the town of Emetsk. The monastery is situated in a picturesque landscape amidst beautiful lakes. It’s an ecologically clean region. The tour includes: a story about colonization of the North, history of the Antoniev-Siysky monastery, life of Antony Siysky, etc. In the monastery: an excursion «Architectural complex of the Antoniev-Siysky monastery» including a visit of the church of the Annunciation. After the excursion — a short rest on the bank of the lake.


Entrance fee paid extra - 500 rubles per person

Tourists 1-2 4-7 8-19 20-35
Price 15 800 ₽ 18 000 ₽ 20 500 ₽ 29 500 ₽
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