Following the steps of M.Lomonosov

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Following the steps of Lomonosov

Lomonosovo village: museum of Lomonosov, and excursion around bone carving factory

Duration - 7 hours

We suggest you to make a trip to the homeland of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov — to his native village Mishaninskaya, nowadays renamed after his name. The village is situated on one of the islands of Northern Dvina, facing the Kholmogory. From Arkhangelsk you are going by bus, then by ferryboat you are going to the island. In the year 1711 the famous scientist was born there. On the place where was his house there is a museum now with the collection of books of the XVII century and the picture gallery. The first books of talented pomor M.Lomonosov attract lively attention of the visitors. There is also a collection from fabric of Kholmogor bone carving which is valued in the whole world. Bone carving craft tradition has a big history and it had been forming for 5 centuries.


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