Beer tour

Our "Beer tour" is a special acquaintance with the city: you will see all the fun, but an unusual look - a little tipsy )
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Beer tour

Pomor brewing traditions

3 days/ 2 nights


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.

During the program you will have the unique chance to visit the famous brew-houses and beer restaurants of Arkhangelsk, to taste beer brewed according to North recipes. You will also see the most interesting places of Arkhangelsk: the famous open-air museum featuring the traditional wooden architecture of Arkhangelsk area “Malye Korely”, “Gostiny Dvor” – the unique monument of Russian stone architecture of XVII century. You will also get acquainted with Arkhangelsk during the sightseeing excursion “City-tour” and walk along the ancient wooden street. You will have a free time for viewing the city and buying souvenirs.


Day 1

Gathering at railway station in Arkhangelsk.

Transfer to the hotel, rooming.

Sightseeing excursion “City Tour”.

Excursion in museum “Gostiny Dvor”.

The dinner in beer restaurant with tasting "Grossen Wagen" beer.

Walk along the ancient wooden street of Arkhangelsk.

Sightseeing tour in Arctic Museum of Borisov, where you can see works of famous North artists – Tyko Vylka, A.Borisov, Stepan Pisakhov. Master class on kozuli making.

Dinner in four-ale bar “Krone” and tasting of different sorts of pale, black, red beer, brewed on the own brew-house “Luda” in Arkhangelsk. Acquaintance with owners of brew-house, its video-presentation, the history of its formation and development.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel

An open-air museum, featuring the traditional wooden architecture of Arkhangelsk area “Malye Korely”.

Free time. Horse riding for extra charge.

Tour to “Pomor brew-houses Bobroff”. Acquaintance with the owner of the plant, excursion, tasting of 3 sorts of Bobroff beer. Excursion to Beer Museum. Free time in the open air.

Coming back to Arkhangelsk

Dinner in beer restaurant “Bobroff” and tasting one of the sorts “Bobroff” beer (for extra charge).

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel. Leaving the rooms.

Visiting Severodvinsk – the city of shipbuilders and ship repairers, visiting Yagry Island (at will)

Dinner in beer restaurant with beer tasting

Excursion to brew-plant “Braumaster”. Acquaintance with the owner of the plant and tasting of sorts of German beer.

Coming back to Arkhangelsk.

Free time for acquaintance with the city and buying souvenirs.

Dinner in beer restaurant “Yama” and tasting the best sort of “Braumaster” beer – German beer (for extra charge)

Transfer to railway station.


The costs are stated for season 2019
  • Nett prices for individual tourists
  • Size of commission for groups is 10%
  • Dates of housing are at will
  • Also available for mini groups from 4 people

The total cost of tour is from 16500 apiece


  • Transport service
  • Excursions
  • Entrance tickets
  • Guide’s service
  • Meals included in program
  • Visiting brew-houses and tasting the best sorts of beer


  • Living
  • Dinner


on request

The basic program is subject to change, and we recommend to add optional excursions, master classes, concerts, tastings and many others.

We know everything about your favorite region and make the perfect adventure for you!

We can include in the program a visit to places where you buy gastronomic Souvenirs of the Arkhangelsk region: fish, Northern berries, pastries and Pomeranian tinctures (cranberries, cloudberries, cranberries), venison, marmalade based on agar-agar, traditional painted gingerbread goat.


  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1332 at 10:10
  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by train at 06:00
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk to Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1331 at 19:20
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk by train to Moscow at 20:10
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