Registered flights to Solovetsky islands for 1-3 days

Solovetsky Islands: Russia's UNESCO treasure in the White Sea. For groups (1 plane for 16 people, 2 planes – for 32 people)
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Registered flights to Solovetsky islands for 1-3 days

Registered flights by L-410 for groups (1 plane for 16 people, 2 planes – for 32 people)


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.

We are proud to present our new project - a very beautiful tourist memo on the Solovetsky islands.

Reminders are available in two versions - color and black and white.
Click on the corresponding picture to view our wonderful Memo to tourists on the Solovki.
Памятка туристам по Соловкам Памятка туристам по Соловкам


Aircraft L-410 will take 16 people on Board and your adventure will begin the moment the pilot starts the engines. From the air opens an incredible picture, which you can admire through the Windows: the endless White sea and, like a giant scattered beads, Solovetsky Islands.

Not without reason Solovki – the most popular tour of The Russian North, known to the whole world part of our homeland. It is difficult to describe this place, its atmosphere, attractions and opportunities for tourists – you can talk for hours.

It affects a variety of excursions to choose from which is not easy to intertwine the monastery and prison history, added to boating. You can visit the existing cells, see the unique Church-lighthouse, which served as a prison. Learn how to catch mussels and cook them on the fire. You will be able to go around the Solovki on their own bikes. We organize for you a picnic on the shore of the White sea: you'd light a fire, haul out the guitar and cook together with the chefs dinner is a real Pomeranian.

Solovki is a place of special atmosphere. Here is a monastery in which monks live – people who have retired from the worldly society, devoted themselves to fasting and prayer. If you have an important question, ask it here, man or heaven. The answer will come.

The island is a part of our history: in one geographical point there was a Parking of the ancient person, the namolenny Solovetsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery developed, there was a terrible camp of special purpose.

Our custom tour is an opportunity to see all this with your own eyes, feel your soul and try to solve the mystery of amazing Solovki. Even one day spent here will help you to turn away from momentary problems, relax, leave you with loved ones or alone with yourself and maybe even change your worldview.

We have developed one -, two-and three-day programs of stay in the Solovetsky Islands. You can choose the most suitable option and Supplement it with excursions that are interesting for you and your family/friends/colleagues.

Program №1
1-day air tour to Solovetsky Islands

Day 1

Transfer to “Vas’kovo” airport. Departure to Solovetsky Islands. Arrival.

Sightseeing excursion in Solovetsky Monastery


Excursion on Sekirnaya Mountain

Excursions Botanical Gardens – "Makaryevskaya Desert”

Departure in Arkhangelsk. Arrival. Transfer to the city.

Program № 2 
2 days/ 1 night

Day 1

08:00 Transfer to “Vas’kovo” airport. Departure to Solovetsky Islands. Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.

Sightseeing excursion in Solovetsky Monastery


Excursion “Lakes and Channels of Solovki” (small circle)


Day 2

Breakfast, leaving the rooms.

Excursion on Sekirnaya Mountain. Excursions Botanical Gardens – Makaryevskaya Desert”

Dinner. Transfer to airport. Departure in Arkhangelsk. Arrival. Transfer to the city.

Program № 3
3 days/ 2 nights

Day 1

Transfer to airport. Departure to Solovetsky Islands. Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.

Sightseeing excursion in Solovetsky Monastery. Dinner.  

Excursion on Sekirnaya Mountain. Dinner.

Day 2


Excursion “Lakes and Channels of Solovki ” (small circle). Dinner.

Excursions Botanical Gardens – "Makaryevskaya Desert”


Day 3

Breakfast, leaving the rooms.

Excursion “Sights of Bolshoy Zayackiy Island” for extra charge 650 rubles apiece.

Dinner. Departure to Arkhangelsk. Transfer to the city.

Tour cost for 1 person (for groups from 16 people)
Agency commission is 10%


Solovki Hotel Solovki Company “Solovetskaya Sloboda” rooms with conveniences.
Double rooms
“Solovetskaya Sloboda”
rooms with conveniences.
№ 1 7800 ₽ + charter 3400 ₽ + charter 7800 ₽ + charter 7800 ₽ + charter
№ 2 13500 ₽ + charter 11000 ₽  + charter 12000 ₽ + charter 11000 ₽ + charter
№ 3 19500 ₽ + charter 16500 ₽  + charter 17500 ₽ + charter 21500 ₽ + charter

Supplement for single accommodation per night

  • "Solovki-hotel" - 2250 rubles per person
  • "Solovetskaya Sloboda" - 2000 rubles per person
  • Meals at the restaurant
  • "Solovki-hotel" - lunch 850 rubles, dinner 800 rubles
  • "Solovetskaya Sloboda" - lunch 550 rubles, dinner 550 rubles

We remind you that the standard check - in time-14.00, check - out-12.00


  • 3 meals a day according the program;
  • transfer in Arkhangelsk and on Islands;
  • excursions included in the program, living, insurance.


The cost of registered flights Arkhangelsk – Solovki – Arkhangelsk for 2019

L-410 (Czech Republic) 
For 19 people
(no wait)
205.000 ₽   
Arkhangelsk-Solovki-Arkhangelsk (2 days/ 1 night) 220.000 ₽ 
Arkhangelsk-Solovki-Arkhangelsk (2 days/ 1 night) 230.000 ₽ 
If the flight is organized in days off work (Tuesday) you will have to pay for prolongation Procedures and 
Regulations of Solovki airport.

Touristic company has a right to change the time of excursion.

The most of excursions are guided by Kodola Oleg, the active member of Russian geographical society, the moderator and participant of scientific, extreme and search expeditions, the author of the book “Way of Labyrinth”, “The History of Solovetsky Archipelago”, “Arkhangelsk region. History guide.” The order of excursions can be changed by host side because of weather conditions or local events, without changing the program of excursions.

Additional discounts are allowed if a group consists of 10 and above.

Extra charge for a single housing per day:

  • «Solovki-Hotel - 2700 rubles apiece 
  • «Solovki Company » - 1700 rubles apiece with conveniences
  • «Solovetskaya Sloboda» - 1000 rubles apiece


Excursion “Lakes and Channels of Solovki ” (small circle) is a kind of boat trip. Tourists have to row by themselves. You can also make use of rower’s service for 1500 rubles for a boat.

We can offer to you to order service on English or German languages for foreign tourists for extra charge: for groups from 15 people – 2000 rubles apiece; for groups till 15 people – individual way of payment.

We can also organize for you fly around the island and watching it from high above it (25000 rubles for 12-15 minutes of flight)


on request

The basic program is subject to change, and we recommend to add optional excursions, master classes, concerts, tastings and many others.

We know everything about your favorite region and make the perfect adventure for you!

We can include in the program a visit to places where you buy gastronomic Souvenirs of the Arkhangelsk region: fish, Northern berries, pastries and Pomeranian tinctures (cranberries, cloudberries, cranberries), venison, marmalade based on agar-agar, traditional painted gingerbread goat.


  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1332 at 10:10
  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by train at 06:00
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk to Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1331 at 19:20
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk by train to Moscow at 20:10
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