Kargopol – Arlhangelsk – Solovki

This tour will allow tourists to get acquainted with three truly magical corners of Russia
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Kargopol – Arlhangelsk – Solovki

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Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.

We are proud to present our new project - a very beautiful tourist memo on the Solovetsky islands.

Reminders are available in two versions - color and black and white.
Click on the corresponding picture to view our wonderful Memo to tourists on the Solovki.
Памятка туристам по Соловкам Памятка туристам по Соловкам


This tour will allow tourists to get acquainted with two truly magical corners of Russia. Just eighty km from the Railways, on the border with the Vologda region and Karelia stretches amazing region - Kargopol. The architectural ensemble of the white stone Kargopol is unique. The abundance of ancient monuments gives the small town an unusual, bright appearance. And Solovki is one of the few places on the planet where the history of the last seven thousand years can be seen at every step. During the bus crossing in Karelia is a unique opportunity to visit the place of filming the popular and beloved film "Love and pigeons"(1984 Soviet romantic comedy film). Open early seat reservation.

Day 1 (Friday)

04:12 – Arrival at station Nyandoma of tourists fom St. Petersburg by train № 390 St. Petersburg – Arkhangelsk. Transfer to Kargopol. Housing in rooms with conveniences and the rest. (early housing is paid hourly).

06:58 – Arrival of tourists from Arkhangelsk by train № 671 Arkhangelsk-Nyandoma. Transfer to kargopol. Housing in rooms with conveniences. (early housing is paid hourly).

10:16 – Arrival at station Nyandoma of tourists from Moscow and Vologda. Transfer to kargopol. Housing in rooms with conveniences.

12:00 – Dinner in hotel café.

12:50 – Gathering on hall. Meeting with the guide.

13:00 – One of the oldest cities of Russian North sightseeing excursion .

Architecture of Kargopol is the natural extension of untouched North nature. Cozy wooden houses, magnificent temples, merchant manors, modern buildings are successfully coexist in this ancient and at
the same time modern city. Tourists will see the architectural ensembles of white stone temples of XVII-XIX centuries, ruins of Valushka Fortress, walk along Onega River embankment.

14:30 – Visiting Sobornaya bell tower fitted with viewing points on several layers (self-dependentely, for extra pay – 70 rubles and if weather conditions permit). Visiting souvenir shops.

15:00 – Visiting the excursion “Icon painting, carving, sculpture: cultural traditions in Kargopol in XVI-XIX century”. Early Kargopol icons demonstrate the influence of Rostovo-Suzdal and Novgorod schools.

Kargopol own traditionas of icon painting began to develop since XVII century. Festival tier “Deesis” and “Dmitry Solunsky” performed on gold background is very expressive. There is also carved icon of Nikolai
Wonder-worker from the city “Svyato-Dukhovskoy” parish. Among other exponents are wooden carved icons and crosses which were used by old-believers.

16:30 – Visiting of eco-manor of wooden sculpture “Bear region”. For extra pay you can also visit master class dedicated to art of wood carving.

Day 2 (Saturday)

09:00 – Breakfast in hotel café.

10:00 –Visiting exposition “Walk of fair women”. Here Kargopol golden embroideries, needleworks, folk dresses are represented. The big part of exposition shows the culture and traditions of Russian table.

11:00 – Visiting the Center of Folk Crafts “Housewife” where tourist will get acquainted with the process of Kargopol clay toy making, of old knitting loom working. You can buy birchbark products and other

12:00 – Dinner in hotel café. Leaving the rooms. (Luggage is checked in hotel cloak-room.)

12:30 – Leaving to country “Oshevenskaya Sloboda”. Visiting Alexandro-Oshevensky Monastery, which was founded in 1435 and now is in the process of restotation. The monastery is located in several kilometers from Kargopol. There tourists can give a touch to the stone with footprint of blessed Alexander Oshevensky who is the sanctity of Kagopol, see Georgievskaya Church of XIX century, wooden Bogoyavlensky temple of 1787 and vow crosses. If the weather is warm and free time is enough you can swim in Saint Spass Lake. Visiting Saunino-village where you can enjoy wonderful ensemble of wooden architecture – Church of John Chrysostom(1665) with painted ceilings and tabernacular bell tower with belfry. Coming back in Kargopol through Arkhangelo village where you will see two wooden churches of

XVIII century - cube church of Michael the Archangel and stepped church of Purification of Virgin Mary.

18:30 – Arrival in Kargopol. Free time.

19:30 – At will and for extra charge motor tour in Bolshie Lyadiny village can be organized (37km).

Exterior seeing of hydra-headed Bogoyavlenskaya Church (1793) with half-rounded porch – gulbische. Visiting ethnographic museum-workshop. Dinner with pickles.

22:00 – Coming back to Kargopol.

23:00 – Transfer to Nyandoma.

23:55 – Departure by train №16 Moscow-Arkhangelsk.

Day 3 (Sunday)

06:51 – Arrival in Arkhangelsk at railway station by train №16 Moscow-Arkhangelsk. Transfer to hotel.

13:00 - Sightseeing excursion “City-tour”

The tour acquaints with Arkhangelsk 4 age-long history, with varied way of life in modern Arkhangelsk, with its main sights. Gostiny Dvor, family chapel of Solovetsky Church, Lutheran Protestant Church of
Saint Catherine, a lot of monuments, ancient buildings – all these make unforgettable impression on everyone. You will certainly go back over and over again.

15:00 – Out-of-town excursion in open-air museum, featuring the traditional wooden architecture of Arkhangelsk area – Malye Korely and visiting tea-house. An open-air museum, featuring the traditional wooden architecture of Arkhangelsk area “Malye Korely” is located in 25km from Arkhangelsk on picturesque bank of the Northern Dvina. This unique museum is open since 1973. It has preserved wonderful examples of wooden architecture and shows the country way of life of the past. The biggest Russian museum is divided into segments and such arrangement copies the arrangement of the buildings in Northern villages in different parts of Arkhangelsk region. Here one can meet all patterns of Pomor architecture – log houses, buildings with six walls, ancient churches and temples, storehouses built on piles like “a hut on the chicken legs”.

17:00 – Out-of-town excursion in the Museum of folk crafts and tea-drinking with pies in Senya Malinov drawing room.

The museum contains 4 show-rooms, hall for 30 seats, Senya Malinov drawing room, souvenir shop where you can buy local craftsmen’ works of applied art. In 2008 the show-room and the exposition “Crafts of White Sea” were open. In 2010 the exposition “War in seaside fates” was open in honor of 65 th anniversary of Russian Victory in 1945.

Day 4 (Monday)

09:00 – Breakfast in hotel in restaurant

09:50 – Group meeting in hotel’s hall

10:00 – The excursion “To White Sea” in ancient Zaostrivye-village, in Severodvinsk – city of shipbuilders, visiting local history museum and Yagry-Island. This excursion is just for you if you are interested in knowing about Russian North way of life. You will visit stone Sretenskaya Church (1776) and wooden Pokrovskaya Church, walk through the village and talk to locals. Then you will go to Severodvinsk (earlier called Molotovsk) – the city where the center of

Russian atomic shipbuilding industry was established. Here you can get acquainted with the city during sightseeing excursion. Then you will visit Yagry Island. Here unforgettable walk along the embankment is waiting for you. Sand dunes and Kursk memorial will certainly impress you.

13:00 – Visiting the unique interactive exhibition “The Museum Submarine” in local Severodvinsk

You will not only listen to history of Russian shipbuilding industry formation and technologies of submarines building, but also will see interactive exhibits. The main subject here is the model of atomic submarine, which demonstrates its dive, firing of ballistic rocket and acoustic functioning.

14:00 – Coming back to Arkhangelsk

15:00 – Dinner in restaurant

16:00 – The tour “Old Arkhangelsk Miniature”

You will see unique man-made masterpiece, which shows us pre-revolutionary Arkhangelsk from one bridge till another, from The Northern Dvina embankment till Troitsky Avenue. You will get acquainted
with the life of talented craftsman Zosima Kalashnikov and with his Arkhangelsk miniature, which comes to life when the guide speak due to its fantastic highlighting, opens its doors and makes time travel
come to reality.

16:30 - Walking tour along Chumbarova-Luchinskogo – the street of ancient Arkhangelsk.

It acquaints with the wooden architecture of the city of XIX-XX centuries, with the life of famous people of the past and of our days. You will have the possibility to make a wish near the monument of famous
fairy tale writer Stepan Pisakhov and to make a photo with his character Senya Malina sitting on the enormous North burbot.

17:30 — Free time for buying souvenirs.

Day 5 (Tuesday)

09:00 - Breakfast in hotel in restaurant. Leaving the rooms.

10:00 – Museum “Gostiny Dvor”

“Gostiny Dvor of Arkhangelsk” is a famous historical-architectural complex and the unique monument of Russian stone architecture of late XVII century. “Gostiny Dvor” was built in 1668–1683 by order of
Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. It was a great complex which included German and Russian Dvors and Stone town. The complex was widely used for international trade, storage of goods and housing foreign merchants.

11:30 – Transfer to airport

13:20 – Flight to Solovki

14:10 – Arrival in Solovki, meeting with the guide. Transfer to hotel «Prichal». Housing. Lunch in café (tee, coffee, sandwiches).

14:30 – Sightseeing excursion “The history of Solovetsky Archipelago” (3 hours)

It is the story about 5 century-long Solovki reclamation. Builders of ancient mysterious labyrinths, tribes of Saamy and Korely, orthodox ascetics and The Solovetskie Island themselves – are the main characters of this story.

17:30 - The excursion “The history and architecture of Solovetsky monastery” (2 hours)

Thematic excursion acquaints you with the history and with architectural distinctive features of Monastery. During the excursion you will visit functioning temples and monuments which contain UNESCO World Heritage.

20:00 - Dinner (organized by yourself).

Day 6 (Wednesday)

08:30 - Breakfast in cafe

09:30 - Excursion «Long Bay –Solovetskaya dam– Bolshaya Muksalma Island» (6 hours)

The first part of the program includes a walk which lasts for 4 hours and at the end of which you will find yourself in Long Bay. Then you will visit ecological tour in aquatic area of the unique natural feature –
closed waters of Solovki. Sea excursion among picturesque islands will be organized with the help of only Solovetsky karbas (sailing ship) which was built on the basis of monastic schemes. Here you will get
acquainted with sea and coastal flora and fauna of Solovki. Here you will learn about the queen of seaweed - sea wand. The second part of the program includes watching the monuments of Saint
Sergievo-Radonezhsky cell which are situated on the Bolshaya Muksalma Island; acquaintance with monuments of Solovetsky stockade period; visiting the famous Solovetskaya dam which connects
archipelago islands. In conclusion will have a chance to try yourself in the process of White Sea mussels catching and to taste them. Recommendations: take warm clothes for a sea walk, packed lunch
(organized by yourself), drinking-water, mosquitoes-bane, swim suit at will.

16:00 – Coming back to the settlement. Free time.

17:00- Self-dependent visiting of Sea Museum which acquaints you with the history of Pomor navigation.

19:00 - Dinner (organized by yourself).

Day 7 (Thursday)

08:00 - Breakfast in hotel.

09:00 – Excursion “Solovetskie cells. History and Legends” (4 hours)

This automobile tour will have place among picturesque forest tracks in Northern part of Solovki. Gor hundreds of years these tracks observed for people’ acts and hopes. Monks of Solovki measured these
tracks with Solovetskiy milestones, prisoners of Solovetsky stockade with tears, sailor boys – with morning races. Local monks built famous Solovetsky cells – Sekirnaya Mountain Cell, Savvatyevsky Cell,
Isakovsky Cell. Bolshevists turned these holy places into camps and sailor boys – into training classes. Forest tracks will tell you about everything, they are witnesses of Solovki history which tenderly keep
the traces of human activity here.

13:00 - Dinner in a café.

14:00 – Boat trip round the small circle of lake-channel system “Solovatsky Lakes and Channels”(5 hours) During the excursion tourists will know about hydrotechnic monuments of Big Solovetsky Island, go for boat trip along the man-made channels connecting 5-6 lakes. The length of lake-channels system is 5-6 km.

Attention – tourists have to foot the distance from tourist office to boat station (2, 8 km) and back.
Boat-handling is arranged by yourself. You need to pay rot the trip additionally,

20:00 – Dinner (organized by yourself).

Day 9 (Friday)

08:30 - Breakfast in a café. Leaving hotel rooms. Luggage is checked in hotel cloak-room.

09:00 - Free time. Свободное время. You can visit exhibitions and expositions of Solovetsky Museum for additional pay. Dinner in a café. Transfer to “Solovki” airport.

14:40 – Flight to Arkhangelsk.

15:20 –Arrival in Arkhangelsk. You can also pay for extra excursions and transfer to rail way station. Secondary service for tourist coming back through Kem

15:30 – Transfer to Tamarin – mooring of Big Solovetsky Island.

16:00 – Leaving to Rabocheostrovsk by lifeboat.

18:30 – Arrival in Rabocheostrovsk. For tourists from St. Petersburg – transfer to Kem to railway station.

19:00 – For tourist from Moscow – housing in hotel “Prichal” in rooms for 2,3 and 4 persons with conveniences for a block (extra pay is 900 rubles apiece) or with conveniences for a room (extra pay is 1500 apiece).

19:30 – Dinner (for an extra pay – 350 rubles apiece)

20:25 – Departure of tourists from St. Petersburg by a train №21 Murmansk-St. Petersburg.

Day 8 (Saturday)

05:00 - Breakfast (extra pay is 200 rubles apiece). Leaving the rooms. (Time of breakfast and leaving rooms depends on the time of train departure). Self-dependent transfer to Kem to railway station.

06:19 - Departure by train №15 Murmansk-St. Petersburg-Moscow.

07:15 - Departure by train №373 Murmansk -Vologda

09:01 - Departure by train №91 Murmansk -Moscow.


The hotel Prise for 1 place in standart double room Extra charge for single housing

The hotel Prise for 1 place in standart double room Extra charge for single housing

Belomorskaya Hotel

42 500

6 000

Dvina Hotel

44 500

6 400


45 500

7 400


  • Living
  • Excursions and meals included in program
  • Group transfers and transport service


  • Railway tickets
  • Railway tickets
  • Air travel Arkhangelsk-Solovki-Arkhangelsk (unidirectional - from 5500 rubles apiece)
  • Sea travel Solovki-Rabocheostrovsk (1000 rubles apiece)
  • Meals, leaving and excursions stated as “self-dependent” or “for an extra-charge”.
Touristic company has a right to change the time of excursion.

The most of excursions are guided by Kodola Oleg, the active member of Russian geographical society, the moderator and participant of scientific, extreme and search expeditions, the author of the book “Way of Labyrinth”, “The History of Solovetsky Archipelago”, “Arkhangelsk region. History guide.” The order of excursions can be changed by host side because of weather conditions or local events, without changing the program of excursions.

Additional discounts are allowed if a group consists of 10 and above.


Specified, on request

  • June– 06, 13, 20, 27
  • July – 04, 11, 18, 25
  • August – 01, 08, 15
The basic program is subject to change, and we recommend to add optional excursions, master classes, concerts, tastings and many others.

We know everything about your favorite region and make the perfect adventure for you!

We can include in the program a visit to places where you buy gastronomic Souvenirs of the Arkhangelsk region: fish, Northern berries, pastries and Pomeranian tinctures (cranberries, cloudberries, cranberries), venison, marmalade based on agar-agar, traditional painted gingerbread goat.


  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1332 at 10:10
  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by train at 06:00
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk to Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1331 at 19:20
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk by train to Moscow at 20:10
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