Basic Programme No.3 Kiy Island One-day tour to the Kiy Island

The length of the Kyi island is only 2 km and the width does not exceed 800 meters. You will walk around it in two hours. What do you do next? There`s plenty to do!
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Programme No.3 Kiy Island
One-day tour to the Kiy Island - 2019


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.


The Kiy Island is located in the Onega Bay of the White Sea, 15 km away from the ancient Russian city of Onega. To get here from Arkhangelsk, you first need to take a 4-hour journey on a tourist bus organised by us or your own car. The second part of the journey is 45 minutes by boat.

The schedule of arrivals to Kiy Island is not invented by people but prompted by nature: the ebbs which this  magical place is famous for leave us very limited time for travelling by boat. The more

interesting and valuable it becomes! We developed a unique traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region where you can find the places you will visit during the tour.


A small speedboat will take you to a hospitable guest-house located on a rock between two bays, 20 meters from the White Sea. You will check-in and, most likely, immediately set off to explore the island.

The length of the Kyi island is only 2 km and the width does not exceed 800 meters. You will walk around it in two hours. What do you do next? There`s plenty to do!
First of all, this programme includes two excursions:

Pedestrian tour "The nature of the Kiy Island". When walking around the Kiy island you can imagine that you are in different parts of Russia. Huge, up to 25 meters high cliffs. Wide sandy beaches with a gentle sloping entrance into the sea. Healing pine forests full of mushrooms, berries and flowers. All these wonders can be found on the Kiy island, to say nothing of up to 500 species of plants and the coastal waters rich in fish.

Excursion "History and architecture of the Monastery of the Cross". The main attraction of the Kiy island is sealed with miracle. Legend has it that the Orthodox reformer Nikon once escaped from storm here, and after becoming a patriarch he did not forget his shelter and built the Monastery of the Cross (17-19 centuries). Out of numerous monastic buildings the only ones that managed to survive to this day are the Cathedral of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Church-over-the-Well with adjacent stone cells, the two-tier church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin with the frater and cellar chambers, the chambers of the archpriest and brethren - all of them are open for tourists.

Secondly, the guests will have a snack, lunch and dinner in the best traditions of Pomor cuisine. Thirdly, if you have free time and if the weather is warm it's a great pleasure to swim in the White Sea and afterwards sunbathe for hours on the `sheep heads` - smooth stones that make your whole body feel a rush of heat and energy.

Let`s not forget about one of the main wonders of the island - its ebb. In the morning the island is surrounded by water, but in a few hours the water retreats so far that you can walk to a neighboring piece of land. The main thing is not to get carried away, and run back as soon as the water starts to rise. But if you fail to come back you are welcome to feel yourself Robinson Crusoe! Add your personal story with the island to this: new acquaintances, emotions, discoveries, feelings, silence and romance which you will certainly experience here!

Important: there are no shops on the island, so we recommend to bring the medicines, favorite sweets, necessary things, such as books, with you. Just a reminder, the standard check-in time at the hotel is 14:00, check-out - until 12:00.


6500 rubles per person


  • Travel by boat Onega-Kiy-Ostrov-Onega
  • Meals: Breakfast (dry rations), lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Excursion and walking around the island
  • Support on the tour program by the representative of the tour operator
  • Agent Commission group


From June to August – on request


  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1332 at 10:10
  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by train at 06:00
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk to Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1331 at 19:20
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk by train to Moscow at 20:10
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