Basic programme No.2 Arkhangelsk: Tour to Solovki

We present you the program of the most popular tour of the Solovetsky Islands. Solovetsky Islands: Russia's UNESCO treasure in the White Sea
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Programme No.2 Arkhangelsk 
Tour to Solovki - 2019


Each participant of this tour will get a personalised certificate for visiting the Russian North, our branded Pomor souvenirs and a traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region.

We are proud to present our new project - a very beautiful tourist memo on the Solovetsky islands.

Reminders are available in two versions - color and black and white.
Click on the corresponding picture to view our wonderful Memo to tourists on the Solovki.
Памятка туристам по Соловкам Памятка туристам по Соловкам


You can get to Solovki from Arkhangelsk by air and water. The first way is more popular, fast and comfortable. A forty minute flight with a fantastic view of the White Sea and the islands will take
you to the place!

We cooperate with both airlines offering regular flights to Solovki from Arkhangelsk - Nordavia and 2nd Arkhangelsk Aviation Group. Attention: 2nd Arkhangelsk Aviation Group does not have electronic tickets, and for your convenience we suggest including tickets in the tour price. Also, when planning the trip please note that flights to Solovki are carried out by each airline only once a day and not every day of the week.

You can also get to Solovki by boat from the city of Kem. The boat tickets are cheaper than plane, but first you need to get to Kem by train, spend the night there, and then take a 3-hour boat trip on the White Sea which may be rough at times. This option is not suitable for people suffering from seasickness, as well as those who are afraid of being in the open sea.

We developed a unique traveller's map of the Arkhangelsk region where you can find the places you will visit during the tour.


Your adventure begins as soon as the pilot starts the engines. You will be amazed by the incredible view of the endless White Sea and the Solovetsky Islands scattered like giant’s beads.
Solovki is the most popular tour to the Russian North, part of our homeland famous throughout the world.
  • The islands offer a variety of excursions which are not easy to choose from: intertwining monastic and prison stories, sea trips and bike rides, picnics, mussels catching. 
  • Solovki is a place with a special atmosphere. This is an abode for people who cloistered from the worldly society and dedicated themselves to fasting and prayer. If you have an important question, this is the place to ask. Ask the person or the heaven, and the answer will come.
  • The island is part of our history. This geographical point was the site of an ancient man, the Solovetsky Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour was built here, and at there was a terrible special purpose camp.

Our tours give an opportunity to see all this with your own eyes, feel it in your soul and try to solve the mystery of the amazing Solovki.

We developed a 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day tours to the Solovetsky Islands.


Monday-Friday / Wednesday-Sunday / Saturday-Wednesday


9:10 or 13:20 Flight to the Solovetsky Islands. Transfer to the hotel.

Sightseeing tour of the Solovki Monastery. Caution: we cannot guarantee that this excursion will not change your worldview forever. The monastery is not only a historical landmark. It is an active abode and an opportunity to meet with people who have dedicated themselves to fasting and prayer. You will visit the territory of the central complex of the monastery, temples, monuments included in the UNESCO List, household facilities of the monastery and learn more about its life.

Free time. Walking along the picturesque shore of the White Sea. The White Sea is the only one among the seas of the Arctic Ocean which lies almost entirely to the south of the Polar Circle. You will see the ’dancing’ birches of the Solovetsky islands and ’labyrinths’, a reconstructed cultural artefact of prehistoric civilizations.


9:00 Breakfast. 10:00 Recommended excursions of the second day - "Sights of the Bolshoy Zayatsky Island" and "Botanical Garden - Makaryevskiy Monastery"

Free time

You may rent bicycles and ride along the rocky paths of the island, once again admire its nature, the old and modern buildings.


9:00 Breakfast. 10:00 Recommended excursions of the third day - Excursion to the Sekirnaya Hill and Solovetsky Maritime Museum

Free time. Optional: a walk to the Philipovsky cages, a unique hydrotechnical fishing facility built on the island in the 16th century by hegumen Philip.


9:00 Breakfast. 10:00 Recommended excursions of the fourth day – "To the sketes of the Anzer
Island". Free time.

Visiting souvenir shops or exhibitions of the Solovetsky Museum-Reserve, and a specialized store of the Arkhangelsk Algae Processing Plant.


Day of additional excursions. 9:00 Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to the airport.


The tour to Solovki is like a mosaic where you can compose your ideal programme out of the many options collected by us. The basic programmes can be changed, and we recommend completing the tour with guided excursions, master classes, concerts, tastings, a picnic, banquet or a dinner and much more. We know everything about our favorite region and will prepare a perfect adventure for you!

Solovetsky Maritime Museum - OUR EXCLUSIVE

The Russian fleet is elder than the British. Can you believe it? We will take you to the Maritime Museum at Solovki where this will be proven by facts. The museum was created with pride in the maritime traditions of Russia, and its guides convey this pride to every visitor. The museum is made of wood and designed as if we were on the lower deck of the ship, it has numerous maps and various marine attributes. This is an interesting extraordinary place, where with a bit of luck you can listen to a lecture or a concert.

Mount Sekirnaya. Holy Ascension Skete

Is it possible to find in this world a place more solitary, tranquil and contemplative than this? The skete is live, and everyone who comes here has a chance for a special meeting with a person who knows something more about our world.

We will visit one of the highest points of the Bolshoy Solovetsky Island - Sekirnaya Mount - opening an unforgettable panoramic view of the northern part of the Bolshoy Solovetsky Island and the White Sea. We`ll learn the history of the monuments of the Holy Ascension skete which used to be a punishment cell during the times of the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (SLON). Advice: do not forget to take a picture with the unique lighthouse church which became a punishment cell in the days of SLON.

Botanical Garden - Makaryevskiy Monastery

We will visit one of the northernmost botanical gardens of Russia which is located on the territory of the former Makaryevskiy monastery, we will see the unique plantings and a stunning view of the ensemble of the Solovetsky Monastery opening from the Aleksandrovskaya Hill.

Lakes and canals of the Solovki. Boat trip on a large circle of the lake-channel system

Solovki never fail to amaze us! We are going to pass through its man-made channels, the unique channel system of the island, steering the Pella boats ourselves. We will see the hydraulic engineering artefacts and structures of the Bolshoy Solovetsky Island, and learn how the 7 lakes are connected. We will cover the distance of 9 km in each direction and get unforgettable impressions from spending time with the nature.

The Big Zayatsky Island

Zayatsky Island is unique.

It is special even among the Solovetsky Islands for several reasons: 

  • a wonderful panorama of the Solovetsky Monastery opening from it,
  • nature has arranged a virgin place here, spread a tender flower and berry carpet, arranged dancing birches and gray glacial boulders,
  • there is a special atmosphere of immense tranquility and many unique artefacts here: the largest pagan sanctuary of the II-I centuries BC, spiraling labyrinths, boulder heaps, the first stone harbor in Russia, the 300-year-old St. Andrew`s Church, the beginning of Peter the Great`s `Sovereign Road`, and many others.

The History of the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp

The name "Solovki" became a generic not only in Russia thanks to the infamous Solovetsky camp. The guide will tell us about the life and fall of a grand prison. But the most important and remarkable
part of this story is the fate of its prisoners. After visiting the camp a famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky beautifully described their life in the Soviet newspapers. But what was the reality? We will 
hear and feel it especially sharply in the walls which keep the memory of this place. We will see the new exposition about the camp and a monument to the Solovki prisoners.

To the sketes of the Anzer Island

Anzer Island is the second largest island of the Solovetsky archipelago. Since the 17-18 centuries it has housed strict prayer monasteries - the Holy Trinity Monastery and the Golgotha-Crucifix Monastery. We will see the unusual natural landscapes, visit the active sketes, learn the history of the monastic, camp and modern periods of the Anzer`s life.

Boat trip to the Bolshaya Muksalma Island

Did you know that there are mussels in the White Sea? Large, fatty and delicious. On this boat trip you will not only taste the local shellfish, but also learn how to catch and grill them. A trip to the Big Muksalma is a 5-in-1 excursion. Firstly, the boat trip itself to the picturesque Dolgaya Bay is amazing. Secondly, the remarkable man-made boulder dam more than a kilometer long which connects the Bolshoy Solovetsky and Bolshaya Muksalma islands, is impressive. Thirdly, we will get acquainted with the history of the Sergius Skete of the Solovetsky Monastery and will be stunned by island landscapes. Plus the mussels and the atmosphere of excellent maritime adventure for the families or friends.

We can arrange a picnic for you at the island: we`ll cook a fish soup, fried herring, kelp salad, kalitki (pastry) with berries, herbal tea. You can cook with us or on your own, make a campfire, take out the guitar, enjoy the company of your dear people and feel as if on a student`s hike. 

The Kuzov Archipelago - the World of an Ancient Man

Kuzov is the pearl necklace of the White Sea. As if a stone giant, passing by, threw a handful of gems in the sea, and now two dozen islands drift through the vast water spaces. Tundra-covered cliffs, stone foreheads of rocks smoothed by the glacier, mirrors of relic bogs, miniature trees hiding from the winds in the crevices - every step up the slope of the German Kuzov island (the highest elevation
in the entire Karelian White Sea) opens up new landscapes of astonishing beauty. Stone masses around and the site of an ancient man in the distance will amaze your imagination.

We can arrange a picnic for you on the archipelago: we`ll cook a fish soup, fried herring, kelp salad, kalitki (pastry) with berries, herbal tea. You can cook with us or on your own, make a campfire, take out the guitar, enjoy the company of your dear people and feel as if on a student`s hike.


The cost of a ticket for one person, the price of the ticket is not included

*a/t - air tickets

Accommodation Tour price
  №5 + a/t*
Solovki Hotel 2х-местные номера 21500 ₽  
Solovetskaya SlobodaPriyut / Solo/ The Company Solovki 2х-местные номера  17900 ₽ 
Solovetskaya SlobodaPriyut / Соло / The Company Solovki 3х-местные 14700 ₽
«Ostrovito Morushco» 3х-местные номера 26900 ₽
Private sector 2х-местные/
12900 ₽

 Supplement for single accommodation per night

  • In the private sector - 1500 rubles per person
  • "Solovki-hotel" - 2500 rubles per person
  • Solovetskaya Sloboda / Shelter / Solo / company Solovki-2300 rubles per person
  • "Ostrovito Morushco" - 7,800 rubles per person

Meals at the restaurant

Dinner 650 rubles / evening meal 600 rubles
We remind you that the standard check - in time-14.00, check - out-12.00

Air ticket:

  • Arkhangelsk-Solovki from 8200 rubles
  • Arkhangelsk-Solovki-Arkhangelsk from 16.400 rubles


Every day make flights ships "Vasily Kosyakov" and "Metel`" on the route: 

Kem` — Solovki — Kem', 5000 rubles per person in both directions.


  • meals, transport and excursion services according to the tour program
  • support on the tour program by the representative of the tour operator
  • agent Commission group

We remind you that the standard check - in time-14.00, check - out-12.00


  • travel to Arkhangelsk and back
  • extra charge for 1-bed accommodation
  • excursions and visits to museums not included in the tour program
  • personal expenses (Souvenirs, mini bar, etc.)
  • For foreign tourists for excursions in English / German surcharge to the cost of the tour: for a group of 15 people – 2000 rubles per person, less than 15 people – the calculation of the individual.


We can organize a program for a custom tour on any day, according to the schedule of planes and trains. In the summer of 2019, planes from Arkhangelsk to Solovki and back fly on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1332 at 10:10
  • Arrival to Arkhangelsk from Moscow by train at 06:00
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk to Moscow by Aeroflot flight SU 1331 at 19:20
  • Departure from Arkhangelsk by train to Moscow at 20:10
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